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Regiments of the Dead was the first book in Palimpsest's publishing programme. It features a unique and breathtaking viewpoint of the Flanders cemeteries and is a spectacular portfolio of photographs.

Troubled with Goya, was published in mid-2016 and showcases the work of South African artist Ricky Burnett.

It consists of 84 pages and includes 75 of his best works as well as an intriguing insight on his narrative.

Making Marigold: Beaders of Bulawayo is a portrait of a women’s beading co-operative specialising in loomed beadwork, based in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

The newly published Get Fit for Hajj and Umrah is a practical fitness manual compiled by Khuz MD Ismail designed to physically prepare pilgrims for Hajj and Umrah.



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